• Community Events

    Barn Bluff Red Wing, Hike and Picnic at Riverside Park
    4-26-14 10:30 am - Barn Bluff
    Meetup Mania

    Looking for a group of 20 or so to join me on my first hike, lets keep it small, we will join another group of 35. We will meet the other group  at the point over looking the bluffs, lets take a nice stroll, stop enjoy the views and people. Then...

    Barn Bluff/Red Wing
    5-4-14 7:00 am - Red Wing
    Twin Cities Rock Climbing Meetup Group


    Ride the Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour
    5-17-14 7:00 am - Bay Point Park
    Twin Cities Social Cycling

    Get out the old 3 speeds and lets join the tour of Lake Pepin on a two day 85 mile ride around this scenic area.  Overnight in Wabasha.  Signing up here will not get you registered, you must go to the website. Registration fee is $30 per rider...