Understand New Buyer Habits & Sell Your Home

June 17, 2019

The rises of digital home viewing sites like Zillow, and home network television like HGTV have changed the game for home sellers and agents alike.


Buyers in this day and age know exactly what they want in a new home. They may watch HGTV and constantly analyze homes online and list the features they are ready to find, which forgoes the middle class tier of homebuyers. Therefore, people are willing to pay more for houses that are move-in ready with particular amenities than ever before.


So, what does this mean for home sellers? Do they even need to upgrade their properties, or host open houses if buyers can view entire properties online? This leads to some common seller beliefs that are no longer true in today’s digital home selling age.


A home seller may think they don’t need to upgrade their property for sale as buyers could come in and undo all their new changes. However, as most buyers are looking for move-in ready homes, a simple investment on new carpets or cabinets could result in a higher return and ultimately a sale, which is the overall goal. Does it matter what the buyer does once they move in?


Another misconception is that if a buyer wants a house, they will pay more than market value.  With online AVM’s, buyers know when a property is overpriced and when a seller is unrealistic. It is important to price listings close to market realities as buyers are becoming increasingly aware of true market values with multiple resources.


Many aspects people thought they knew about home selling has changed in the last five years. Understanding the new rules of engagement through the digital wave of home buying is crucial when selling a home.


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