Single Sort Recycling

March 26, 2019

Red Wing will be changing to single-sort recycling in the fall of 2019. This is a big change for the community, but what does it actually mean?

Single sort recycling is a system of recycling in which all paper fibers, metals, plastics and other containers and mixed and collected into one truck, rather than being separated by households beforehand.

The materials will be sent to different plant within the region for collections and processing with machines specifically designed to handle the mixture of recyclables. Materials are brought to one of the 248 materials recovery facilities in the U.S. where they receive, separate, and prepare recyclable materials for manufacturers.

This shift can improve our green community by reduced sorting efforts by residents leading to more recyclables being placed at the curb.

With this change, comes a change in recycling vehicles and equipment. The Solid Waste Campus has been recently approved to get a brand new recycling truck that will replace four vehicles in total. This means less vehicle maintenance, fewer trucks on the road, fewer emissions, recycling pick up only once every two weeks, and an overall easier recycling process for you!

For more information on Red Wing’s move to single sort recycling, click here to visit the Republican Eagle.