40,000 Yards of Snow

March 18, 2019

The Red Wing Public Works Department has been working tirelessly this winter. With record-breaking snowfall, snow removal has become a major priority. Public Works crews have hauled over 40,000 yards of snow just this winter alone – that’s more than the last four winters combined.

Although it may be frustrating to deal with large snow piles, remember that crews are working long shifts in order to keep up with the snowfall and create safer streets and sidewalks throughout town.

When it comes to driving, it can be difficult to pull out onto intersections and see oncoming traffic. Red Wing Police Chief Roger Pohlman reminds us to use the “creep method” by safely inching closer towards the roadway to ensure no cars are coming.

Spring is on it’s way, but until then, let’s be safe and remember to thank the Red Wing Public Works Department for their continuous effort during this snowy season.

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