Help Keep Our Water Clean

With all of the flooding finally starting to subside, you may be wondering, where is all of this water going? In the early 1900’s, Red Wing installed storm sewer systems in our streets to prevent our streets from turning into rivers. We also have sanitary sewer systems that that connect ...

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Flooding in Red Wing

Although temperatures will slowly climb back up, we can look forward to a slowly falling Mississippi River level as we go through this week. On Wednesday, March 27, the Mississippi River at Red Wing hit flood stage at 14 feet at 3:45 a.m. By Friday, flood levels were at whopping ...

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Getting Outside & Active

As spring is approaching, so are outdoor activities. Barn Bluff is one of the top tourist attractions in Red Wing, especially in the warmer months. Barn Bluff Trail overlooks the pretty downtown area and towers about 400 feet above the Mississippi River. There is also an extensive view of Lake ...

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